Photography for Designers

Photography for Designers

As a web designer who loves to take photos, I've realised just how much photography has positively influenced my design work. I'm writing an eBook to share that knowledge with you and teach you how photography can help you become a better designer.

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More Information

Who is Tom Kenny?

I'm a web designer, front-end developer, photographer and soon-to-be author. I run Inspect Element, a web design and development blog where I share everything I learn about the web. Over 11,000 people subscribe to the blog and almost 8,000 people follow me on Twitter. I also love taking photos, as you can see on my photography blog, called Caught in a Lens, which I run with my fiancé. You can see examples of my best photos on my 500px page.

Why this topic as an eBook?

As a designer, I believe we have so much to learn from other disciplines that you wouldn't necessarily think of diving into and learning. I want to show you how practicing photography will help you grow as a designer.

When will it be available?

Work is already well underway but I can't commit to a specific date at this point. I will be sure to let you know as soon as I know when it will be ready. I want to take my time to make it the best book for you to enjoy.

What format will it be in?

Initially it will be a PDF file but I would absolutely love to release it as an actual physical book. If the eBook version does well enough, I will definitely look into it. I may also release an interactive iBooks version.

Is this only suitable for designers?

Not at all. I think it will benefit developers too. I also think anyone with an interest in photography who aren't necessarily designers will learn from it too.